Rough and Tumble,Tough and Rumble

Children love rough house play! It is the foundation of all other forms of play. All mammals take part in some form of rough house play. Come hear about the research into and the benefits of rough housing with your children. Children benefit tremendously from rough house play but it is often immediately stopped by adults, and it’s a shame. In this presentation we discuss the benefits of allowing rough house play, the research on the subject, and some good techniques to use while facilitating this type of play. This presentation is great for parents or caregivers with young children, child care/preschool staff, and anyone with a young child in their life!

This workshop meets the OCFS criteria for 2 hours of training credits for child care providers and preschool teachers. A certificate will be given for 2 hours of training credits in OCFS training topic areas 1 and 3.