Blocks, Loose Parts, and S.T.E.A.M. 

(S)cience, (T)echnology, (E)ngineering,  (A)rts,  (M)ath

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Children learn all kinds of skills while playing with blocks, including pre-math and science skills, laying the foundation for later Children learn: problem solving skills and creativity, fine motor skills, spatial relationships, visual perception, pre-math skills: 1 to 1 correspondence, sorting, seriation, patterning, classification, and counting, concepts of color, shape, smooth, hard, more, less, big, small, apart, together, stack, build, balance, function, stability, gravity, and the learning goes on and on…

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Loose parts are added  to expand and enrich any play experience. Add them to block play and see all sorts of creativity and problem solving skills emerge. Lay them about and see what the children decide to do with them, you might be amazed at what you find!

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Blocks and Loose Parts lay the foundation for later S.T.E.A.M. education!

(S)cience  (T)echnology  (E)ngineering  (A)rts  (M)ath


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