Professional Development

Drew would very much like to provide Professional Development training presentations and workshops for your child care or preschool program.

*Aspire Registered Trainer

“Drew is very knowledgeable, high energy, and clearly experienced.”                                 -Anonymous participant

“I was inspired!”  -Anonymous participant

phone: (585) 410-1121

He presents on a variety of topics including…

The Power of Play! (click for more)

Generation Joy! ™(click for more)

Developmentally appropriate and Best practice

Bringing Theory into Practice (click for more)

Behavior Management (click for more) 

“Drew is a fun presenter.”-Anonymous participant

STEAM activities and Loose Parts (click for more)       

Process oriented art (click for more)

Circle Time (click for more)

Dramatic play

Intentional/Reflective Teaching

Rough and tumble play

 Outdoor environments

Fostering executive functioning skills

The adult’s role as an “unobtrusive presence”

Saying “yes” more and “no” less (click for more)

Language development

“He had great humor and energy. His energy made me more aware and involved.” -Anonymous participant

“I can’t wait to see the kids and practice what you shared.”  -Anonymous participant

“Very fun and animated, I enjoyed his stories.” -Anonymous participant