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“This is such a unique and awesome idea for a play date or to have someone work with your children while you get things done around the home.  The whole time Drew was at my home my daughter was engaged and having fun.  She didn’t even realize she was learning.  Drew brought everything to my house and he cleaned up when he was done.  I plan on having him come over again soon!” – Andrea, parent

“Drew Beeman is a talented, creative and passionpiratesate teacher.” 

“Their opportunities for exploration and learning through play were immense while in his care.”

“Both of my children enjoyed Mr. Drew’s classroom. Their opportunities for exploration and learning through play were immense while in his care. Mr. Drew brings consistent innovation and creativity to his teaching, and he is a huge proponent of outdoor play….Drew is an invaluable resource for teaching ideas because of his love of children, and commitment to the pedagogy of learning through play. He has endless creative designs that expose children to different ideas in a variety of settings….Drew Beeman is a talented, creative and passionate teacher. My children were safe, well taken care of and constantly stimulated to learn while in his classroom. His knowledge of how to bring ordinary materials into the classroom to make them fun and innovative learning opportunities for children is extensive.” –Mackenzie, parent 

“He is a singularly gifted teacher and one of the most trustworthy, competent and thoughtful individuals I know.”

 “He is extremely well-versed in early childhood pedagogy, behavior and development.

mefacesquish1“He is a singularly gifted teacher and one of the most trust worthy, competent and thoughtful individuals I know….He is extremely well-versed in early childhood pedagogy, behavior and development: there was, in the two years that Izzy was in his classroom, no incident that took place that I did not think Drew could handle better than any other childcare professional I have known. He is patient, tolerant, and strategic in how he handles kids; he passes along all the qualities—curiosity, generosity, politeness, and respect for one another—that one would want to see developed in one’s child. I saw difficult children and easy children receive equal attention, and glow with happiness; I also saw parents register his kindness and intelligence. When the other Class Parent and myself went shopping for a Hanukah gift for our children’s classroom, we discovered ourselves with a list of unusual wishes: for logs, plastic glasses, lengths of tubing and other oddities. After an afternoon with our kids at Home Depot and Michael’s we arrived triumphantly at the JCC, and for the rest of the year we watched as Drew and the kids constructed all kinds of new play areas: a play office, a pretend zoo, construction sites, etc. It was a fantastic, community-strengthening moment and one that made me very proud of the choices I had made for my daughter’s childcare. I trust Drew implicitly...I want lots of other kids and their parents to have the kind of extraordinary experience we have had.”   –Rachel, parent and University Professor

“He is very silly and the best daycare teacher to have” – Alexis Cannan, former student

“It was with ease that I could drop my daughter of in the care of Mr. Drew. I knew she was in good hands and enjoyed his company! He has a great concept on how children develop and learn by play. We missed him when it was time for Alexis to move on to kindergarten!” – Nicole Briggs, mom of Alexis

“I have such respect for Drew and his passion for early education. My kids were so fortunate to have him. I highly recommend this program!” -Jolene, Parent