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“Having Drew at my center was helpful in so many ways. He helped lay the groundwork for my teachers to be thoughtful in the classroom. He also challenged me to clarify our center’s values with our staff. It was a great experience for everyone!” –Andrea McKenna, Center Director

Program and Classroom Management Consultant

Drew has worked in several child care and preschool programs and has learned over the years about what works and what does not. He would love to come to your program, observe and reflect and share his insight with you. He would facilitate problem solving with staff and administration so that the children in your care can get the most out of your program.If you are looking to become more progressive in your approach, Drew can help.

At Full Heart Child Care, we truly believe that play based learning is the only kind of learning! We started having Drew do professional development workshops for our staff in 2018, and in early 2019, we decided to bring his expertise directly to our classrooms as well! Drew spent several months providing center wide support in areas such as sensory play and loose parts. He not only gathered the materials needed to incorporate more sensory play, but taught teachers how to do so as well. Drew provided one-on-one support to several teachers to increase their knowledge of using loose parts in the classroom, and how to embrace “rough play” in a productive, safe way! He also helped to mentor teachers to build their confidence, recognize their strengths, and share their knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices with other staff members. Drew brought several new aspects of play to our outdoor playground area, most of which focused on nature, which we love at Full Heart! Drew is a highly-motivated individual who is able to provide support in whatever way needed. He will surely bring improvements to any center or program he is involved with!”

~Amanda Hellebush, Executive Director- Full Heart Child Care

Program Observer

Drew understands that directors have a heavy administrative work load. While directors would love to be in the class rooms more and would love to observe and advise staff, they rarely are able to. Drew can observe and report back to the director, and can advise staff accordingly. He could also help staff implement change, and facilitate problem-solving in the classroom.

Play- space Consultant

Drew would love to come to your center or program and help design or modify play spaces for the children in your program. He has learned a few things over the years and could be a benefit to your program. He endeavors to make environments conducive to learning in a playful, meaningful and relevant way.

Teaching Staff and Administrative Liaison

Drew has worked as classroom staff and as a supervisor so he understands the viewpoints and challenges of both. He can help facilitate a discussion and/or work to help communication and understanding between the two roles.

*Aspire Registered Trainer