Angry Birds type of “real” game called “Angry Spiders”

Water table with “plumbing” and squirters!



Magic…er..I mean Magnets!


He got so excited he made the shot he fell down!

Ping pong ball game

Fun with a giant yoyo spinner thingy!

Home made ramp board.


Colin “Bungee” painting.

Rose rolling balls.

Rose using the catapult for the first time. Trial and error learning is the best. She took the cork to the face like a champ.

Now she’s got it!

Rose making spin art

Sam with “song tubes”. I love the end when he drops the tubes like “dropping the mic”.

Sam and Jake having a soft stick battle.

Short range catapult. I loved the trial and error learning that went on here.

Long range catapult. Trial and error learning paid off more than expected.