the “Toddler Whisperer”

Some years ago while Drew was working with toddlers at a local child care center, some of his co-workers noticed he seemed to have a way with toddlers. He seemed to understand them and to be able to meet their needs and was successful working with them during emotional stress (aka tantrums, meltdowns, etc…).

Some gave him the nickname the “Toddler Whisperer”.

Drew with his toddler grandson

Since that time he has found even more success working with toddlers, understanding them and their needs and helping their parents do the same.

Drew can help you understand your toddler and guide you into helping them learn to regulate their own emotions. With his understanding of child development and his years of experience working with young children, he is equipped to offer guidance and solutions for your family. He could come to your home or observe your toddler in child care or wherever you would like, and consult with you on any issues that you may need.

If you would like Drew’s help in this, call him for a free consultation. During the call we can decide the next course of action and any fee requirements.

Call (585) 410-1121 or email him at