Family Networking


One of the goals of Progressive Early Learning is to network with families that believe in the power of play and to connect them to each other. Of course we hope that one of you will host a play date in your home and hire Progressive Early Learning to facilitate.

If you would like to join a list of parents that are interested in meeting each other and having their children meet and play together, email me at and include your name, and contact information as well as written permission for me to share your information in order to connect you with others who have done the same.

Here is an example…. “Hi my name is ________ and I have a three year old son named_____. I would love to network with other families. You have my permission to share my contact information with others on this list. My email address is _________ and my phone number is_____.”

*If you would like Progressive Early Learning to facilitate your play date go here.