Generation Joy!™

Addressing the Pediatric Mental Health Crisis!

We hear a lot about the Baby boomer generation, gen x, and the millennials, but in the time it took us to raise those generations we have seen a major decline in the amount of time children are at play and a major rise in childhood mental disorders. 

As each generation has had less and less time to play, especially independent, self-directed play, they have had more and more diagnoses of mental disorders, especially depression/anxiety, ADHD, and narcissism.

I think it is time to end this 70 year trend! Let’s give our children the gift of PLAY and raise Generation Joy!™

Generation Joy!™ is an idea. It is an idea that I would like to see spread across the globe! I would like to see it go viral! It is simply that we raise a generation that are happy and healthy! A growing body of researchers and developmental psychologists, believe that if we allow our kids WAY more time to PLAY independently, we will have more happy and healthy kids and a more happy and healthy society.

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