What is that “wood thing” on your logo?

It is a block structure made from “Tree Blocks”. I recently made my own set of them see…

treeblox1 treeblox2

I love natural play materials!

What do you mean by “Progressive”? 

To sum up what I mean by Progressive when it comes to education I will quote one of my influences, Tom Hobson. “Making discoveries, learning how to make discoveries, learning how to pursue an interest or a question or a passion that leads to discoveries is at the heart of a progressive, play-based education.” That is from his great blog here.

Here is a wikipedia page with some of the history of Progressive Education.

A lot of parents send their children to Preschool for socialization. If you are the “Preschool that comes to you” how do you account for that?

As a free service to you I will help parents connect with each other. If you so choose I can share your contact info with other parents that have utilized my services so you can have your children meet and maybe have play dates. Of course I hope you will have me come facilitate the play dates. I have a networking facebook page currently and hope to expand to other media.

So what happens when you come to my house?

Basically I will set up some playful learning experiences for your child(ren) and play with them. I will lay out some tarps or other floor covering to contain the “mess” in whatever space you designate. I focus on Art, Sensory, Fine Motor, Construction, Dramatic Play, Language, and Literacy. See my gallery for a visual idea of what I do.

What am I (the parent) supposed to do while you are here?

You can stay with us and be involved in whatever way you feel comfortable or go get some things done around the house. As long as you are nearby and can be available to your child(ren) if they need you, you can do whatever you want.

I would like to have a few of my child’s friends over for a play date for you to facilitate. How does that work?

I would love that! Well, You can invite them over and split the cost with the other children’s parents or arrange payment however you wish. I charge by the hour per child. I give discount rates to groups, and an added discount to the “Host” of the play date.

How much do you charge?

Well that depends. It depends on travel time and in some cases preparation time may influence the rate. Typically I charge one price for an individual child per hour, and discounted rates for groups and further discounts for the “Host”. I can discuss the rates on a case to case basis, however I endeavor to make it affordable to you. An hour with your child(ren) comes with at least another hour behind the scenes getting ready and cleaning up.I provide all of the materials for the experience the children will have.  I charge for the hour with the children, and the rest of the time is included in the rate agreed upon. See my Rates/Packages page for more details.

Ok I want your services, so what now?

You can email me at progressiveearlylearning@gmail.com or call me at (585) 410-1121. I will ask you a few questions about your child so I will know best how to serve you and your child(ren) and discuss rates and particulars with you. I am pretty flexible with my services and a lot is open for discussion.

Will you babysit for us?

If you ask me, there is a good chance I will say yes. Call me and we can discuss it.