Program Observer

Directors and administrators would love to be more present in the classrooms, but administrative duties often make that difficult or near impossible.

Let’s be honest, In addition to administrative work loads preventing observation, staff often change their behavior as soon as a supervisor is present. Drew can help! He could objectively observe in the classrooms and provide a comprehensive evaluation for the director or other administrators. Since he is not their supervisor, staff may be more authentic in their practice and be more open and honest with their challenges and struggles. He could help advise classroom staff to implement any changes administration would like. Maintaining a quality program is important for the children and the program. Drew would love to help!

“We’ve been so lucky to have you Mr Drew! The staff, the kids and the parents are all enjoying having your expertise.”– Asst. Director from a local program

“Having Drew at my center was helpful in so many ways. He helped lay the groundwork for my teachers to be thoughtful in the classroom. He also challenged me to clarify our center’s values with our staff. It was a great experience for everyone!” –Andrea McKenna, Center Director