Theory into Practice

As new information is always forthcoming about how young children learn and thrive, the ECE community strives to implement best practices in their programs. Theories of child development and education can be creatively implemented in everyday classroom practices. In this workshop I work with program staff to implement newer educational ideas associated with allowing “play to flow throughout the room”, often mixing learning domains and centers, and often bringing a child-directed theme to the entire classroom. We also discuss the “Tools of the Mind” curriculum, and managing environments and running in the classroom.

Below are some photos of one such workshop.

These Professional Development workshop participants had a blast re-enacting a circle time gone wrong. Afterword we discussed ideas about how to better handle disruptions and how to make circle time more engaging for the children.


Professional Development workshop participants present their
Dramatic play ideas.


Participants of this Professional Development workshop discuss and create a floor plan for their classroom arrangement. We discuss the benefits of an “open” floor plan so play can “flow” throughout the room and how to manage running.